Has Water Already Caused Damage in Your Basement?

Hire a crew to perform basement wall rebuilds in Mentor, OH

When you've got water problems in your basement, you'll need an expert to properly handle the repair job. Malibu Masonry & Construction LLC performs basement wall rebuilds and foundation repairs for residential clients in Mentor, OH.

We'll investigate the damage and recommend repairs based on type of wall, damage severity and home infrastructure. You can even choose from masonry block or poured concrete. Once you have a custom repair plan, we'll take care of the rest.

Call 440-840-3030 now for a free estimate on basement wall rebuilds and foundation repairs.

Prevent common structural problems

A healthy basement is a dry one. If your basement has moisture problems, your home is vulnerable to common structural problems, such as...

  • Wall destabilization. Pressure from perched water or expanding soil eventually causes walls to crack and damage the house foundation.
  • Hydrostatic pressure buildup. Soil pressure puts stress on the basement walls and leads to bowed or bent walls.
  • Interior water intrusion. Unchecked water eventually pools down to the foundation and weaken the whole home structure.

You shouldn't wait to get the damage assessed and fixed by a highly qualified professional. Contact us today to ask about our basement and foundation repairs.